What Does It Take For The World To Bring Change - Part 2

Written by Jonathan Kattenberg on March 1, 2021
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My Reason for Fundraising

As I strive forward with my fundraising campaign for Focus4Hope, I have created a 6 Part release of music videos which I have written, recorded and produced.

My aim, to bring awareness in an engaging manner that brings home to the viewers mind what is going on out there.

Insight to creating the music, lyrics and video

Writing the music and words was achieved through placing my mind in an emotional state as if I was really one of the victims, homeless or vulnerable people. All of which Focus4Hope support and help.

Mentally this was tough, given once I got my mind into each of the individual scenario states, I then had to pull my mind back out, into my strong focused mind!

Thankfully I am equipped to go in and out of different states of mindset without negatively impacting on my own mental health. This is because mindset troubleshooting is something I specialise within on a regular basis supporting private clients.

Why I limited the images

I didn't want any images on this video as I felt the words say it all.

The image at the end is myself and Founder of Focus4Hope Louise Reed during a media photography session to bring awareness for the cause.

A special thank you to Roth Read Photography for supporting Focus4Hope

Please can I ask if you will help the cause by visiting the fundraising page - www.walkingwithmybear.com/fundraising to read more about why I am raising funds for Focus4Hope.

Thank you for watching the video and reading the article.

I will soon be releasing Part 3 of 'What Does It Take For The World To Bring Change" in 7 days time.

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Warmest wishes

Jonathan Kattenberg.

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