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We believe at Walking With My Bear that you can feel loved, proud, confident and be filled with complete happiness, knowing that your Bear will always protect you and bring you strength.

What if you could gift those feelings of security and love to a member of your family? Keep them safe in the knowledge they are in your thoughts, whatever their day brings. What would that love mean to them?
Taming your Bear; being in control of your thoughts, feelings, and actions is an achievement to be proud of. We felt it would be nice for you to be part of a community and wear you Bear with pride.
Bear Under Water
"When on my adventures or long hours working, my boys are always with me. I carry two little teddy bears on my adventures. Each bear is one of my two sons. I know when pursing my adventures, I can be away from them for some time. They are always in my heart. But I wanted to create something very special."
A Lion and a Panda

Wear your cap or beanie as a declaration that you are in control of your thoughts, feelings and happiness.

I wanted to create something extraordinary for you too. Products that let you gift this experience to a loved one, who may need a reminder of their strength and your belief in them.
Talk to your partner and children about the skills you learn within our community. Teach them how you are taming your Bear and putting yourself in control of your happiness, by understanding the Walking With My Bear mindset techniques. Gift them a keepsake disc and share with them this joyful and life-changing experience.

How to Build on tectonic plates

Written by Walking With My Bear founder, Jonathan Kattenberg. 

To attain true wealth through inner peace, two things need to be achieved. A healthy mind, and, a healthy financial state of affairs.

With evidence-based, proven techniques and a no-nonsense approach, you'll learn how to free yourself from stress, anxiety, depression, limiting beliefs and much more with this book.

You'll learn how the system influences nearly everything you do in life. How various mindset techniques (both ancient and modern) enhance your mind and body. 

A unique workbook and with an invite to join a unique community that supports each person to achieve. Once you start to apply the learnings from within, be genuinely prepared to experience the life you desire. Buy your copy today on Amazon. 

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