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Take Back Control With A Unique Approach To Mindset Therapy

I’m Jonathan Kattenberg, a Mindset Therapist, Life and Wealth Coach and qualified Mountain Leader supporting clients both indoors or walking in the countryside
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Living Fear Free

At what point do you say enough is enough coping in life, and take the amazing step forward for positive long lasting change?

Daily stress results in poor decision making and long term ill-health. Don’t waste one more day coping with negative thoughts and anxiety.

Now is the time to take back control of your thoughts and start living fear free.
You can develop a solid mindset that will stop all of your limiting beliefs and fear. By learning techniques personalised for you and how your mind works, you can gain back your confidence and find happiness.

Show Me How

At Walking With My Bear, I know that you want to be happy and excited about the future. To do that, you need to control your negative feelings.

It may be that your current method of coping with work or personal life leaves you in a constant state of fight or flight; this is your BearHe/She is overwhelming you with emotion and impacts your daily life.

I understand that overcoming these triggers is a challenge, which is why I help you to take action and will be with you step by step, whether it be working together indoors or out walking in the lovely countryside.
Learn precisely how to stop your limiting beliefs and tame your Bear so you can enjoy life.
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Transformational Mindset Therapy

Your Past

The way you are isn’t your fault. You have been programmed and conditioned by events in your past and the people around you. Together we’ll understand and explore why you think the way you do, in a safe manner you are comfortable with.

Your Present

Once you know what has led you to where you are now, you’ll feel protected and ready for change. Together, we’ll build your self-belief so you can process and control your thoughts, feelings and actions. You’ll start to feel joy and gratitude.

Your Future

You’ll treasure the journey you’ve been on, and we’ll celebrate your achievements every step of the way. Positive and unshakable; you’ll love being in charge of how you think and feel, and will let go of the things you can’t control. You can do anything you believe you can, and you will.

Your 5 Step Plan To Help You Be In Control



Well done on taking the first step. Contact me and we’ll have a conversation to get to know each other



With help, you will learn to accept your past and present. Understand how you can rationalise and begin the process of securing a solid foundation for your newfound improved mindset going forward



We learn together how your mind influences your thoughts and actions. Then we agree on a bespoke strategy to help you achieve your desired goal



Once you become a client, you can opt for 7 days a week support from me. We help and show you how to build a solid mindset to achieve the milestones you want on your journey



You’ve now stepped out of your comfort zone and are achieving your desires, goals and aspirations. You’ll be proud of yourself and have a clear vision of what you can accomplish. Your thoughts will no longer hold you back; you can embrace your confidence and success.
Imagine having an approach to life where no matter what curveballs and challenges come your way, your mindset will automatically overcome whatever you face.

What will a strong mindset enable me to achieve?

Anything your heart and mind desires

Take the first step today


What can I expect from mindset therapy?

You’ll understand yourself better than you ever have before. You’ll learn why you respond the way you do to certain situations and why you’ve been unable to overcome your fear and anxiety.

Then you will:
  • Have the option to receive one to one support from me 7 days a week
  • Get rid of self-doubt and limiting beliefs
  • Learn that you control your mindset, and, control your bear
  • Be able to handle any situation life throws at you
  • Feel happy and satisfied, finding joy and opportunity in each day
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What techniques might we use that will help me?

We will establish what techniques and approaches are best suited to you.
  • A unique approach to Walking Therapy with a qualified Mountain Leader
  • Aspects of Neurolinguistic programming (NLP)
  • Aspects of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)
  • Effective Meditation both guided and self-meditation
  • Working in the outdoors – A unique approach to walking therapy
  • Mind body spirit therapeutic work
  • Reiki energy work
  • Spiritual energy

How to Build on tectonic plates

Written by Walking With My Bear founder, Jonathan Kattenberg. 

To attain true wealth through inner peace, two things need to be achieved. A healthy mind, and, a healthy financial state of affairs.

With evidence-based, proven techniques and a no-nonsense approach, you'll learn how to free yourself from stress, anxiety, depression, limiting beliefs and much more with this book.

You'll learn how the system influences nearly everything you do in life. How various mindset techniques (both ancient and modern) enhance your mind and body. 

A unique workbook and with an invite to join a unique community that supports each person to achieve. Once you start to apply the learnings from within, be genuinely prepared to experience the life you desire. Buy your copy today on Amazon. 

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