Guided Walks For 
Mental Health

Walking with my bear training and mindset therapy

Welcome to Guided Walks For 
Mental Health

Do you suffer with your mental health?

Have you reached the point where enough is enough?

Are you living with coping strategies to get by with your mental health?

Do you truly want to improve your mental wellbeing and take back control?

Want a specialist who will help you get results? 

Then welcome to Guided Walks for Mental Health.

Q/ What makes Guided Walks For Mental Health different?

You'll be supported by myself, a qualified specialist with many years experience supporting clients overcome anxiety, stress, depression, PTSD, financial wellbeing, childhood trauma, abuse, eating disorder, alcoholism and much more.

An author and contributory author amongst other health professionals, life and wealth coach with many years advising and coaching private clients, mountain leader who is outdoor first aid trained and where I spend my spare time taking on extreme challenges in some of the toughest environments in the world.

Before attending your initial walk, you'll have a personal 1-2-1 online session where we will work with your mental health.

You'll join each walk with an evolving strategy/plan on how best to improve your mental wellbeing whilst being guided in the beautiful countryside

Let me be frank! You are not lead around the pretty countryside to share and disclose your mental wellbeing with others you don't know.

You will come and join a group who bring positive energy, agree not to off load on each other, and where we work from an eclectic mix of effective techniques including metaphors when working with your mental wellbeing.

All members get a 7 day a week helpline number for those moments when you most need support.

Q/ Do I just attend one session and group walk? Or can I arrange further 
1-2-1 private sessions and attend more outdoor group days?

Each person is different and may have differrent levels of progress. 

It's important to understand this is normal and clinically proven which I have written about previously.

You can arrange further 1-2-1 sessions which entitles you to join further walks.

Private sessions can last anything between 1 - 1.5 hours dependent on your requirements during the session. 

I’m a firm believer that if we are working on something, we don’t just stop the therapeutic process mid-flow our session because we have hit the 1 hour mark. We work with it to attain the best outcome and this sometimes results in running past the 1 hour mark.

Q/ What kit do I need to wear if joining the outdoor group?

All group members will be briefed prior to each walking event on what is the most suitable kit to have.

Each walk may vary in distance, terrain and location, and therefore the kit list may vary.

Typical items required are;
Walking boots - No Trainers!
Waterproof coat and overtrousers
Warm layer
Sunglasses- Yes I am optimistic!
Water bottle or warm drink if desired
Warm hat and gloves.

Q/ What other things can I expect to experience?

During our walks, you will also get the opportunity to learn how to navigate, map read and aspects of fauna and flora and may even involve historical facts about the area and much more.

This for many provides confidence to embrace the outdoors with expert training.

So over time, you may wish to bring a compass as all members will receive copies of the chosen route.

Q/ What is the cost?

Due to the ongoing cost of living crisis, we are passionate about supporting your mental and financial wellbing.

We have therefore set the price at £49 per walk, payable on booking your place.

If you wish to opt for further online mindset and financial wellbeing support, this can be arranged seperately.

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Q/ How long do the walks last for?

Single day walks can last for up to 8 hours, although not designed to be too exhaustive, it is all about exploring the countryside and your mental wellbeing.

Q/ Can anyone just come along for the walk and become a member?

No. Each member must have a brief discovery call with myself or a member of our team prior to securing your place.

Please understand, I am very protective of clients and their mental wellbeing and want to ensure everyone who becomes a member of our community has the right intention and are committed to their mental wellbeing plan.

Q? How do I register for the next walk?

Click on the "Get in touch" button to arrange your free discovery call.

On successful acceptance, you will then be allowed to join the next appropriate available walk.

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Q/ Will we go for a walk in varied weather conditions?

Yes! The weather is great.

The only weather you will not go out in is thunder, lightning and gale force winds. All other weather conditions can provide a great opportunity to work metaphorically with your mental wellbeing.

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