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The practice that I teach lead to my mindset keeping me safe
on numerous occasions.

Yes, I can list several separate events that if my trained mind hadn’t of taken over, I might not have been here today in the condition I am, able to help you master the same strength of mind.

This current 2023 summer season, I'll guide over 41 National 3 Peaks with clients, and yes, I'll complete all 3 peaks with clients plus other challenges and walks!

I’m not an adrenaline junky, I'm an active qualified Mountain Leader and mindset specialist, where I have found my joy in extreme adventures that aren’t for the faint of heart.

Why? Preparing myself for the unknown and applying my mindset to outdoor mental and physical challenges makes me feel alive. It fills me with gratitude that I am fit and healthy, and doing exactly what makes me happy whilst supporting clients achieve an empowering strong of mental wellbeing, but also feel safe enjoying the outdoors. 

My Arctic 1,000 mile unsupported trek in 2024/2025.
2024/2025 I’ll be taking on another 1,000-mile trek. 

This time pulling 60 kilos on my pulk unsupported. Across frozen rivers, lakes and wilderness, through Norway, in temperatures that can plummet to minus 40 degrees Celcius.

This unsupported trek is a clear example where I need a solid mindset and meticulous planning, especially when taking on something that can potentially have so many life threatening variables on the journey. In some ways, Just like how I support clients gaining confidence in their own journey.

Whatever your journey may look like; I want to help you be strong enough to take it head-on too. Learn alongside me and follow the updates I will be posting here on Walking With My Bear.
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Now, you don’t have to walk across a frozen wilderness or trek solo across a desert, to create a solid mindset.

I created the therapeutic techniques within Walking With My Bear so that I could help you rediscover pure happiness and understand what that looks like through your eyes.

To help you to deal with the situation in your life right now, that is holding you back and causing you to be scared.

And support you to regain control of your thoughts and feelings through the power of your mindset so you’ll be able to start an adventure of your own. Live a life that fills you with joy.

Your experience to achieve your desired goal will be different from anyone else, unique to you, yet each experience profound.

Walking With My Bear is all about learning effective life-changing mindset techniques.

It’s not about making your life bearable and not to give you another set of coping strategies that might work for a while or just mask the pain.

It’s about you taking back control of your thoughts and feelings with practical techniques that have long-lasting results.

I didn’t want you to face your journey alone and unsupported because my 20 years of experience has taught me that together as a team we will get you to achieve your desired life faster and more determined.

You are in safe and professional hands.

My name is Jonathan Kattenberg, and I have been studying, researching and applying mindset techniques for 20 years whilst enjoying the outdoors. I’m a qualified Mountain Leader, Post Graduate in Clinical Hypnotherapy, qualified Reiki Practitioner, experienced in mindset techniques from various therapeutic approaches, Author of How To Build On Tectonic Plates, as well as being a contributory author within a recent publication - Non-Epileptic Seizures in Our Experience: Accounts of Healthcare Professionals by Steven C. Schachter MD, Markus Reuber MD. 

When does your next adventure begin?

The clock is ticking to my arctic expedition.

But you can start your transformation today.

Do you feel like you are walking on thin ice; nothing to look forward to or scared of what’s to come? Get In Touch and let me help you overcome that fear so you can find happiness every day.

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