Thomas' Journey - Connecting with your Inner Child

Written by Jonathan Kattenberg on November 3, 2020
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Inner Child Therapy, an inside look

For many adults, their childhood experiences can influence their actions, feelings and behaviours in later life, for some, with challenging habitual ways of being.

After Thomas worked with Walking With My Bear, he wanted to share his experience to provide hope to others out there.

Below is Thomas' story about working with his inner self.

Meeting the little me's

I have known Jonathan for a few years, we met via a networking event. I had just got my life back on track after many years in addiction. Since then, I have retrained to be a therapist, and Jonathan and I first worked on my life strategy planning.

It was enlightening to sit down and think about my future and what it would look like. Then working backwards to what I need to be earning and how to structure my finances to achieve that vision. 

Yes; the number got big, but at the same time, I could see how I was to achieve them. 

That was the first part of the journey, and still today the things I learnt from Jonathan I always practice. His voice pops into my head when I am working on the business side of things, to guide me.

Limiting beliefs were holding me back

The next part of the journey was to do some work on me. By the time I had met Jonathan, I was well into my recovery. However, there were so many limiting beliefs, I was holding myself back.

I felt comfortable with Jonathan, and he understood where I had come from, and more importantly, where I wanted to go. Through working on the financial strategy aspect, we discussed many different things, which later Jonathan brought into the therapy room.

Over 4 or 5 sessions, I was introduced to some little me's, the younger versions of me that in different ways needed some nurturing or just to be heard. Through the sessions, I met 3 younger versions of me. 

Inner Child Therapy

In therapy, we call this Inner Child Work. I had facilitated this with many clients of my own, however, to be the client was a truly amazing experience. 

Jonathan guided me through the process and allowed me to reconnect with myself. I was given the opportunity to bring those little me's into the now, by placing them in the palm of my hand and then bringing them up to my chest. At individual times they climbed into my heart, where they have stayed, and I can connect with them whenever I want or need to.

I distinctly remember that one of the younger me's wanted to learn how to play the piano, after the session, I contacted a local piano teacher, and booked in for my first lesson. I felt like a little kid, and it was wonderful.

Visualisation - the shallow bowl technique

There was another session where I sat with a large shallow bowl out in front of me and was able to visualise different things in the surface of the bowl. Or as 3d objects above it.

A man stood looking into water. This represents a visualisation technique used during mindset therapy and inner child work.
Visualisation is one of the techniques that can be used during mindset therapy and inner child work

This is what my mind created, Jonathan provided the space and time for me to work on the things that needed some work, in my own way.

I was diagnosed with HIV back in 2006. As much as I had consciously come to terms with it, subconsciously I was still clearly holding on to it. One of the 3d objects I visualised was the virus. 

To sit and look at the virus and truly come to terms with it, was awe-inspiring. I can remember seeing my hands smoothing the edges of the virus. It is tough to explain and describe, but it really felt like it had taken the hardness off my feelings and perception.

I can't thank Jonathan enough for the ways he has helped me. Not only with the strategy side of my life, but also helping me to meet the younger me's, and letting them support and guide me through life.


I hope you can see from Thomas' journey, by reconnecting with his inner self, this has brought a state of calmness back into his life.

For Thomas, the 3 younger versions of himself were all different aspects of his Bear. Once he had found reconnection within himself, his Bear became his friend.

Warm wishes

Walking With My Bear

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