Why do I reference "The Bear" and what is Walking With My Bear all about?

Written by Jonathan Kattenberg on November 5, 2020
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Has anxiety, panic or addiction taken over your life? - that Bear has a lot to answer for

Have you ever wondered why your body starts to react to situations before you have had time to think? Your pulse starts to quicken, and your breathing changes?

If I told you this is your Bear, likely you've got no clue what I'm talking about.

Today you are going to learn who your Bear is and why he is controlling how you respond and behave. Taming your Bear will unlock your confidence and optimism, helping you be rid of any coping method you currently have.

All will become clear:

Fight or Flight

Over the years, having compiled and written my book "How To Build On Tectonic Plates", I explain in detail how the mind has two levels; the fight or flight responses.

You know, the element within your mind that determines, before you have had any time to think, what your next thoughts, actions or feelings are, regarding any given experience.

Let me explain.

We are told we have 5 key senses: sight, hearing, touch, taste and smell.

But is there a 6th?

All these experiences enter our mind through the fight or flight response. Our brain then determines, very quickly, how best to either store the information into various elements or get rid of the experience.

That said, sometimes our mind takes on experiences unknowingly and, in many cases, in a way that doesn't serve us well in the future.

Your programming

The information is stored into various elements (let's call it a filing cabinet). Your mind then stores each influential piece, of any experience, into many deep-rooted areas of your mind, such as your habits, perspectives, attitudes, thoughts, actions and feelings, and much more.

This information forms part of the programming of your mind, which then influences the 2nd stage of your fight or flight response. This response tells you what to do before you have consciously thought about it.

So, where does the Bear come into it, you may ask?

Imagine your fight or flight being the on/off switch for the ingrained programming of your mind. Your deep-rooted unconscious mind (which is your Bear) controls all your decisions, thoughts, actions and feelings.

If left untrained, tamed or controlled, the Bear can get up to mischief and mentally harm you. Which can be quite devastating for you, in many ways, whether it be in life or business.

This brings attention to the 6th Sense – Our deep-rooted thoughts which become our "Bear".

A picture of a grizzly bear. Our Bear is our flight or fight response, he controls how was think, act and feel. By being in control of your bear, your are in control of your thoughts and feelings

Just like a giant grizzly bear, if you come face to face with a bear, and you can't control the bear, it can eat you alive, or at least cause you major harm.

The mind is exactly the same. Suppose you are not in control of the programming of your mind. In that case, your mind will have the potential to have a completely different agenda than you consciously think.

Taming your Bear

Learning to tame your Bear, to understand how it is programmed, how it thinks, interprets and acts upon information, at various levels, is crucial to enjoying life. I mean genuinely enjoying life without the need for coping strategies or mechanisms to handle life's experiences and challenges

Taking back control of your mind can be an amazing experience if you are empowered with the understanding and clarity on how to tame your Bear. This knowledge can change your present and future.

We all have a choice in life, the question to you is what choices do you wish to control about your present moment and future self?

Stress, anxiety, depression, limiting beliefs, non-epileptic seizures,

and much more are all a state of mind. If shown how to overcome, you can eradicate future mindset challenges. The question you have to ask yourself is whether you really want to make that change?

If you would like to know more about how we work with your Bear, why not get in touch.

We have a clear promise at Walking With My Bear; We will help empower you to take back control, you just need to be committed and open to support and guidance.