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Written by Jonathan Kattenberg on July 5, 2024
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Embarking on journeys across hills and mountains is not just my profession—it’s my passion. My primary goal is to ensure that my clients can immerse themselves in the adventure while I handle all aspects of risk management. This dedication to safety allows clients to fully enjoy every moment, knowing they are in good hands.

Me and my two amazing lead guides on Kilimanjaro Michael & Judy

One of the critical aspects of my service is providing total peace of mind regarding safety and risk management. This commitment is why I always use the best equipment available, especially when working at high altitudes.

Earlier this year, while guiding clients up Kilimanjaro, I was taken aback by the lack of safety and first aid equipment used by some organized groups, despite their claims of adhering to BS8848:2014 and BS11200:2014 standards.

Maintaining high standards in outdoor first aid is essential, whether in the UK or abroad. I pride myself on upholding the best practices, particularly those outlined in BS8848:2014 for Adventure and Travel and BS11200:2014 for Crisis Management

The importance of rigorous training and development to ensure top-notch safety standards is crucial to ensure best practice at all times. In this article, you can see my Portable Altitude Chamber in action—an indispensable tool for managing altitude illness and potentially saving lives.

My approach is hands-on and proactive, which is why my REC (Rescue Emergency Care) Level 5 Travel and Expedition First Aid refresher was initially planned as a one-on-one session for just myself. However, when the opportunity arose to share this knowledge with others, I eagerly agreed, as I firmly believe in the power of shared expertise.

If you’re seeking a meticulously organized team-building event, fundraising activity, or challenge adventure, we are now taking bookings for 2025. Don’t hesitate to reach out and secure your spot for an unforgettable experience.

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