What Does It Take For The World To Bring Change - Part 4

Written by Jonathan Kattenberg on March 22, 2021
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My Reason for Fundraising

Focus4Hope provide much needed support to their community. Supporting homeless, victims of social abuse, vulnerable people and the elderly. They have become a vital life line to many individuals and families and need a support worker to help meet the growing demand.

Insight to creating the music, lyrics and video

The piece of music I wrote and recorded was back in 2012/2013 if I recall. It was a tune I felt expressed my frustrations with society and everything that was going on and building up to which we now witness in present day life. How fitting that I find myself using it to bring awareness to hopefully bring change, fingers crossed. 

I also used children in this as it portrays the “inner child” of an individual and how for some, they can lose sight of their passion for life they once had as a child...

Why I chose not to speak

Over the years of working with private clients around their mindset, for many people they feel their voice won't be understood. For this reason they tend to hold back from reaching out for help. Lose sight of the goals, dreams and aspirations whilst settling for second best.

This in turn can have impacts on an individual's mental wellbeing, and for some can lead to shutting down from many aspects in life. Some of which include leaving home, quitting work, depression and much more

Please can I ask, if you are able, visit www.walkingwithmybear.com/fundraising and click on the donate button to support my cause.

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