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  • Caps all Colours, Featured
  • Girl in black cap
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Walking With My Bear Cap


Premium quality cap featuring Walking With My Bear branding and concealed magnet in the peak so that you can wear one of your 4 complimentary magnetic discs. Available in Navy, White with Navy Trim or Black with Putty Trim.  
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Product Details


With your cap, you will receive a magnetic disc gift set with pouch. Gift set includes 4 magnetic discs, one of each design; Man, Woman, Girl and Boy, all back to back with their Bear.

  • 100% Chino Cotton
  • 5-panel design
  • Protection against sunlight - UPF50+
  • Dupont™ Teflon® fabric protector
  • Pre-curved peak
  • 100% Polyester Coolmax® fabric sweatband
  • Stitched ventilation eyelets
  • Concealed magnet retains Walking With My Bear discs
  • Fabric strap with tri-glide buck



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Walking With My Bear Community Membership with every purchase
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Take back control of your bear, and keep your bear close as a reminder of your strength

Sometimes we feel alone. We might lack confidence in certain situations. Be faced with a challenge in which we need to be brave. At these times, we miss our loved ones and want to feel them near.

What if you had a keepsake in your pocket that brought you comfort and strength when you hold it in your hand?

Or a beanie in your pocket that you can reach for when you are cold, but that also reminds you of the warmth and comfort that being in control of your Bear brings you?

At Walking With My Bear, we have created a line of unique products that help you celebrate and share your journey. Choose a snug beanie to keep you warm, a stylish cap you can personalise, or help someone you love discover the joy of taming their Bear too, by gifting to them a unique keepsake. 
Parent with Child

How to share your Walking With My Bear experience

When you buy a Walking With My Bear cap, you will also receive four magnetic discs in a beautiful pouch. You can wear one of these discs on the peak of your cap. A statement of pride that you are in control of your thoughts and feelings; that you have tamed your Bear.
You can always carry your keepsake disc with you, in your pocket, purse or handbag. Reach for it as a reminder of your strength, in those moments when your Bear might try to take charge.
But even more rewarding, you will have these discs to give to your partner, son, or daughter. Talk to your partner and children about the skills you learn within our community. Teach them how you are taming your Bear and putting yourself in control of your happiness, by understanding the Walking With My Bear mindset techniques. Gift them a keepsake disc and share with them this joyful and life-changing experience.
Wear your cap or beanie as a declaration that you are in control of your thoughts, feelings and happiness

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