Fundraising Opportunities

Following my successful completion of a 1,053 mile unsupported fund raising campaign in April 2021, I raised approximately £2,300 for a local charity and I'm now planning my next adventures and client events which provide great opportunities for charities to raise funds for their much need causes..

If you are a charity that are in need of more funds being raised, Please contact me to discuss. 

From 2023 onwards, I have numerous extreme challenges, mental wellbeing events and group walks which has the potential to raise funds for your cause.

You may even require support creating your charity event. We have lots of ideas, support packages  and opportunities. 
Do you have a planned charity walk or even looking to create a charity walk? 
Yet don't have the qualified leaders to assist your walkers?
Walking With My Bear have a select group of highly qualified skilled specialists of outdoor leaders who are all Outdoor First Aid trained and exceptional at ensuring your walkers have a great day.

Are you aware at Walking With My Bear, we are not just qualified outdoor leaders, we are mental health specialists.

This brings a huge benefit to your charity event!


We understand that many of your walkers may have an emotional reason why they choose to raise funds for your cause.

This means, we not only support your charity walkers ensuring they are safe whilst walking, we also support their mental wellbeing leading up to and during the event as well.

Have you Risk Assessed your event?

Having an organised fundraising charity walk is great, but are you aware this comes with potential of risk?
When arranging any charity walk, this comes with a whole array of potential variables from route planning, accident/injury support, support crew training,  participant safety, weather management, checkpoint management including signing in and out of all involved, communications throughout the event, correct liability insurance and much more.

Here at Walking With My Bear, we will support you, your team and participants not only during the event, but fundamentally prior to the event for maximum success.
This includes pre event training amongst the outdoors, online webinars exploring kit, route, training plan, nutrition and much more.

Ensuring you have a robust risk assessment.

At Walking With My Bear it's simple!
We care about our clients.

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